My Philosophy


- Creating quality garments, one pin at a time -

According to a 2016 article in WWD, surveys show that consumers prefer styles or brands they know will fit when shopping for new garments.
In other words; if they had a positive experience with the fit of the garment they purchased from a brand, they will most likely go back to buying clothes from the same brand in the future, rather than start searching for new brands. With e-commerce sales only expected to grow the next few years, it has perhaps never been more important for fashion houses to focus on achieving the best fitting garments. Well-fitting garments have the potential to boost sales with repeat customers that shop again and again because they know what they buy fits them, and also save businesses the cost and frustration related to returns.

I am detail-oriented and passionate about creating the best fitting garments for my clients and their customers. I believe in taking the time to do things the right way, ensuring a quality outcome. The job of the fitting model bears a large responsibility, which I carry with pride, and I share it humbly with the brilliant technical designers I work alongside on a daily basis.



The New York Fit Model