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Two Swimwear Favorites

Summer is right around the corner, so I thought I’d share my two favorite brands for swimwear! My most recent discovery and new favorite is ’Gigi C Bikinis’ (pictured above). The fit is amazing, the design is creative and the fabric is durable. My other long-time favorite is Norma Kamali; I have one of her rockin ‘Stud Chuck’ monokinis. So many cool styles to choose from on her website and I recommend getting one of her famous sleeping bag coats, as well!

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My fave fitness brands

One of my responsibilities as a New York fit model is to keep my measurements and size 4 consistent. Even though there is a difference between a fitness model and a fit model I really enjoy working out and taking care of my fitness. I find easier to get motivated to do this when I have cool workout clothes that fit properly. Here are my favorites brands: 1. Alo Yoga (my outfit in the picture is from them) 2. Pink ‘all day sport’ from Victorias Secret (they have some great high wasted leggings) 3. Nike ( love their hoodies and my running shoes are always Nike ). See you at the gym! xo, Selina The Fit Model

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