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An amazing fashion story

One of my favorite podcasts is ‘How I Built This’ with Guy Raz. I’ve listened to every episode on my way to or from fittings in the garment district or downtown NYC. There are so many good episodes to choose from, and one of the best ones is fashion related: I’d like to recommend the one with Jenn Hyman, the co-founder of Rent The Runway. She is incredibly inspiring and demonstrates through the story of how she built her company that a great idea and not taking no for an answer can get you far. Enjoy listening! Xo, Selina The Fit Model

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An Inspiring Book For Anyone (in the fashion biz)

Before I even knew what fit modeling was I was lucky enough to read this book. It has nothing to do with fit modeling, but everything to do with working in the fashion world/ fashion-related industries and how to conduct yourself in business in general. I really recommend ‘Leave Your Mark’ by Aliza Licht for anyone that needs a little inspiration or work-place common sense/ guidance. I am sure that I owe a percentage of my repeat bookings as a fit model to having read this book. Being a successful New York fit model really comes down to your reputation in the industry, which only can be created by doing right by people and doing a good job for them. Reading great books helps inspire great decisions and work ethic.

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Best Workout/Chillout Playlists

I was super inspired in a fitting with a cool downtown designer client recently. Throughout the fitting he played a very urban and mellow instrumental beats playlist, which inspired me to find some similar playlists of my own. I don't know about you, but I don't always need full on dance music when I work out. Sometimes it's nice just to have a chill beat in the background while walking, running or doing some pilates in the house. My favorite playlist for chill, urban, hip-hop beats on Spotify are: 'Chillhop Study Beats','Mellow Beats' and 'Chill Instrumental Beats'.

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