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The Future of Fashion

Attended a great talk at FIT recently! The topic up for discussion was The Future of Fashion and The Impact of Digital Technology, and the two panelists were Rory Tahari (State of Mind Partners, former CEO Elie Tahari) and supermodel Veronica Webb. Both of them had so many interesting insights to offer, especially regarding sustainability. Here are a few of them:

-Synthetic clothing, especially anything that has stretch, is thumbs down when it comes to sustainability, because they shed micro-plastics into the water when being washed. I found two articles explaining this further HERE and HERE.

-Choose bamboo or organic cotton over regular cotton. It takes over 2700 liters/700 gallons of water to produce a single t-shirt made from cotton. Bamboo requires much less water, and bamboo also produces 35% more oxygen than trees.
You could also still by cotton, just make sure it’s organic and made LIKE THIS.

-Excess inventory is one of the biggest challenges in this age of mass produced fashion, and a larger focus on direct-to-consumer + made-to-order fashion (i.e. a garment is made only once a consumer has actually ordered it online), might be a possible solution to this challenge.

-France is in the process of banning destruction of unsold goods, including clothes. Hopefully more countries will follow suit. Read more about the bill that was just passed HERE.

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Valentino - The Last Emperor

Re-watched this great documentary yesterday.
Valentino - The Last Emperor first came out over a decade ago, in 2008, and so it’s very interesting to watch it in present time, reflecting on how much the fashion industry has changed since then, and also how much it is still in upheaval.

In addition to a look at beautiful Valentino gowns and a glimpse into the work-ethic of his fashion house at the time, I got from the film an example of somebody (Mr. Valentino), who is not willing to trade quality for quick profit. Integrity and true artistic passion cannot be bought for money.

If more people thought like Valentino and held out a decade ago, maybe the fashion industry would have looked a little different today (i.e. less focus on quantity and more focus on having fewer items, but with higher quality that can last lifetimes).
Hopefully that’s where we are headed once we all get on the sustainability train.
You can catch Valentino - The Last Emperor via iTunes.

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Trust in Fashion is a Mutual Thing

Did you know that trust is a key factor in long-term economic success? It may sound obvious but it’s more important than you might initially think. Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between a country’s GDP and the number of people in that country who agree with the statement ‘most people can be trusted’. For example, I’m originally from Norway - a country known for having one of the highest GDPs in the world.

Well, Norway tops the list of people who agree with the statement ‘most people can be trusted’. Nearly 70% of people that was asked if they agreed with that statement said yes, which is a much higher percentage than many other countries with correspondingly lower GDPs. It makes you wonder if it’s the oil or the interpersonal trust that’s the real reason behind Norway’s success. Probably a combination.

So how does the subject of trust relate to the fashion industry and a career in fashion? For starters I’ll use myself as an example.

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An amazing fashion story

One of my favorite podcasts is ‘How I Built This’ with Guy Raz. I’ve listened to every episode on my way to or from fittings in the garment district or downtown NYC. There are so many good episodes to choose from, and one of the best ones is fashion related: I’d like to recommend the one with Jenn Hyman, the co-founder of Rent The Runway. She is incredibly inspiring and demonstrates through the story of how she built her company that a great idea and not taking no for an answer can get you far. Enjoy listening! Xo, Selina The Fit Model

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An Inspiring Book For Anyone (in the fashion biz)

Before I even knew what fit modeling was I was lucky enough to read this book. It has nothing to do with fit modeling, but everything to do with working in the fashion world/ fashion-related industries and how to conduct yourself in business in general. I really recommend ‘Leave Your Mark’ by Aliza Licht for anyone that needs a little inspiration or work-place common sense/ guidance. I am sure that I owe a percentage of my repeat bookings as a fit model to having read this book. Being a successful New York fit model really comes down to your reputation in the industry, which only can be created by doing right by people and doing a good job for them. Reading great books helps inspire great decisions and work ethic.

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