5 Fave Beauty Products This Fall


It’s no secret that fashion and beauty go hand in hand, and so I thought I’d share my favorite new beauty products this fall.
Preparing for long days of fittings and castings I’m always on the hunt for the best new make-up that I can quickly apply in the mornings,
or throw in my bag for touch-ups throughout the day. The same goes for new hair-treatments, and I also love trying the latest beauty services for the body.
And let’s not forget all the amazing cross-over items for the home (you can never have too many scented candles, right?!).
Discovering a product or service that’s innovative and really works always gives me such a kick!
I’m seeing a ton of creative and cool things that just hit the shelves this fall so let’s get into it…

1.BRIOGEO Don't Despair, Repair!™ Honey Moisture Deep Conditioning Mask


This hair mask utilizes the benefits of honey to help strengthen and repair your strands. The honey is organic and unpasteurized and acts as a humectant, which in this case means that it helps the hair retain moisture. This is why Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! is perfect for dry and damaged hair. Other key ingredients are rosehip oil, which supplies the hair with essential fatty acids, and algea extract that fortifies the hair against free radical damage.
And who can resist the adorable teddy-bear bottle!

2. GLOW RECIPE - Pineapple-C Bright Serum


I don’t know about you, but I just love everything pineapple!
I also love it when my skin looks healthy and hydrated in a way that is just a tad glossy.
The Pineapple - C Bright Serum from Glow Recipe contains 22% pineapple juice that brightens and hydrates skin, leaving a glossy, glass-like complexion.
Pineapple…check! And glossy, beautiful skin... check! Sign me up!
The Pineapple juice provides the skin with a natural vitamin C boost, as well as Bromelain enzymes that gently exfoliates.
3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic acid reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation and acne scars with continued use.
It seems the people at Glow Recipe thought about every detail when making this serum: since vitamin C can be unstable, the bottle is crafted from UV-coated glass in order to preserve the potency of the serum as much as possible. Apply 1-2 drops to your face morning and night, followed by a moisturizer.

3. TARTE Winter Wonderglam Luxe Eye Palette


The latest eyeshadow palette from Tarte is the perfect combination of barely-there shimmers and statement glitter gels.
Like the name implies all 24 shades go perfectly with your upcoming winter wonderglam holiday festivities.
A few of the shades can definitely be used for a regular day at work, as well! The set also comes with a mini mascara, an eye-liner, a built-in mirror and a eyeshadow brush which makes it an ‘everything you need to bring’ item - especially since the sequined cover makes it look like a clutch.
Just grab your phone and this set if you are running late to this years office holiday party!

4. ESSIE game theory


Essie is out with a brand new limited edition series of 6 nail color shades for their game theory collection this fall.
A fresh formula combines the look of soft-matte with a subdued pearl luster for a velvety - chrome like effect. With safe choices like beige (‘call your bluff’) and pink (‘going all in’), two classic reds with a plush twist (‘ace of shades’ and ‘game theory’), and two bolder shades (‘hold’em tight’ - purple and ‘wild card’ - blue) this limited edition is everything you need in order to add a little extra excitement to your fingertips this fall.

5. Nest Fragrances Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser Set


I’ve been a fan of the perfumes from Nest for years, and I’m so happy to discover their latest product; a fragrance diffuser set for the home!
Simply plug the diffuser into an outlet, connect it to your phone via the corresponding pura app and control the scent diffuser from anywhere via your phone.
A perfect way to make sure your house welcomes you with a wonderful scent after a long day at work.
Choose between the Holiday Scent vial and the Birchwood Pine Scent vial and get in the holiday spirit a couple weeks early!
At $80, the Nest smart home fragrance diffuser set also makes a nice and creative gift.

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